Recap time! Team is Rebooted

Gaming, gaming and more gaming!

That’s what we encountered at the seventh Reboot Infogamer held in Zagreb, Croatia. Two days of pure fun but also great competitive games and tournaments were what we experienced. Some of the best teams fought for great prizes, and gave us that thrill that we came for. It was all a big story by it self, but the main focus was that Heroes of the Storm tournament, that we all waited on.

Our team earned a spot on the tournament week before the main event, by winning regional qualifier. Our guys battled against some of the best teams in the region and had a close match again Gelipteri who were also our opponents in the league we played earlier this year. Things turned in favor of the opposite side, and the first round was their. Our team came back strong with a great strategy in mind, a bit of a cheesy play some would think, but Gelipeters caught up with it and eventually triumphed.

Still we are proud that our team focused on what is important, and that is to never give up. They have their minds set for the next event, that will happen rather sooner than later,  15. of December. Gamescon is our next stop, where again some of the biggest regional names in HoTS will appear and try to fight their way to the gold throne. Keep following us on our FB page, as we have some new updates coming up this month.






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